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Basilica di Santa Chiara Assisi Italy

Basilica di Santa Chiara AssisiSt. Clare of Assisi was one of the first followers of St Francis of Assisi. Saint Clare created the order of Saint Clare, and composed their rule of life, the first set of monastic guidelines written by a woman. They are members of a contemplative order of nuns in the Catholic church inspired by the teachings of Saint Francis. She was canonized in 1255 by Pope Alexander IV,

The Basilica of Santa Chiara in Assisi, is a 13th century church that holds the artefacts and remains of Saint Clare. It is built in the early gothic style with some Romanesque features. It was erected to house her remains. Beneath the church is the crypt containing the saints preserved body, her face is shielded by a layer of wax. In the basilica at the south end of the building is a chapel that contains the original cross that spoke to St Francis in San Damiano. The cross in San Damiano is a replica of the original.

San Damiano Assisi Italy

The church and convent of San Damiano is the miraculous space where St Francis first received his miraculous calling  from a cross in 1205 and it is where St Clare lived and founded her order of Saint Clare. The “Poor Clares” were members of a contemplative order of nuns inspired by saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Clare lived and built her community from here and died here in 1253. It is a serenely beautiful setting in the olive grove covered country side outside of the historic center of Assisi. A replica of the speaking cross still hangs there but the original is located in the Basilica di Santa Chiara Assisi.

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