A Room With a View

Villa Morisco Granada

Andalusia is hypnotic in its vivid grandeur, full of romantic icons from the passionate flamenco dancer to the uninhibited bullfighter. It is a crossroads of religious cultures which have blended deliciously to create some of the most unique cuisine in the world. I have always wanted to see Andalucia and  go to Granada and see the Alhambra, especially after listening to Washington Irving’s vivid stories (written after he spent the summer of 1828 in the Alhambra–in those days, you could live within its walls). My husband and I stayed at the Carmen de los Moriscos, where we could see the most inspiring site in Andalusia, the Alhambra a Moorish castle (now, officially called a “monument”) from many of the windows, the terrace and  the main bath tub (the villa has two). The villa also boasts panoramic views of the city. This lovely house is a dream come true: from the parking the garage on the property to the romantic fireplace with an endless supply of wood, to the boundless enthusiasm of Miguel for the comfort of his guests. The style of the home is 1920s and it has been beautifully renovated with gorgeous tile floors, many of the original finishes–the wood doors and window shutters–have been beautifully preserved. The patio has a convenient plunge pool  to cool off in during the warmer months of the year. During the cold, rainy November of our stay, we could not use it. Miguel is a thoughtful host and was gracious enough to park my large vehicle in the garage. Quite a feat on such narrow roads of the old town.  Our front door was immediately across from a stop for the mini bus lines that for a modest price (EU1.40) take you directly to the Alhambra, and other points in the city.

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