The beautiful Trullo Francisto in Monopoli is set on a manor farm surrounded by an olive grove. A trullo is a traditional Apulian stone structure built without mortar with a conical stone roof. The design is unique to this part of Italy but it has also been found in other areas such as Syria and Turkey. The design is ancient, but the interior was finely restored and renovated, with a large, traditional Italian kitchen. The master bedroom was superb with its soaring stone ceilings. We were met by the owner of the property (with a translator and representative from We were welcomed with olive oil, preserves and oranges, both grown on the property which has been in the family for generations. A farm building is directly next to the Trullo. Workers came and went from that property but they did not disturb us in any way. We were there in November near an olive harvest. Because we visited during the winter, we used the fireplace which was supplied with ample firewood, and wax fire starters. The ambiance was unforgettably romantic. We thoroughly enjoyed the peace and central location of Monopoly and enjoyed staying in a beautifully appointed Trullo in a picturesque olive grove. It has a beautiful pool and a well-appointed patio which would be welcome in warmer times of the year. Available through Hello Apulia.


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